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Friday, July 15, 2011

Here We Go

The date was August 27th, 1995. I was like most 8 year olds in that, I loved doing things with my father and generally rooted for whatever team on the television he was cheering for. More than any other team, that meant I was a Michigan fan from my inception into this world. At such a young age I never quite understood my fandom, and then this happened...

I was sitting in the south endzone that day with my father and 2 of his cousins. One of whom, decided best that he leave at halftime, because in his words the team was "playing like shit" (cynnical dude he was). To this day I have never gone without seeing him and saying "4 seconds man, 4 seconds"... My father raised me up and I hooped, hollered, and cheered till I couldn't anymore. I didn't want to leave the stadium until the team was completely off the field. My fandom was set in stone. From that day forth, my life was engulfed in Michigan athletics and Virginia, has not been heard from since.

I did not have the privilege of attending the great University of Michigan, as I decided to take my talents (if that's what you call them) to a small Division 3 college in Holland, MI to play football. If you were to walk into my dorm, past all the obscure posters and paraphenalia, you would have assumed I was a U of M student as my room was plastered  in M memorabillia. Throughout this blog I will get into my relationship with my roomate who. don't hold it against him, is a buckeye fan. Believe it or not he has never pooped in a cooler and is actually objective. I was always under the impression that those things did not go hand in hand but, what are you going to do?

Now at the devine, entitled age of 24, I feel as though I have an opinion and that opinion matters. I mean, why else would I start a blog? While writing on this blog I will bring  an opinion presented with as much objectivity as my slappyness will allow, humor (I was told I was funny once), and honesty. I love Michigan athletics and can't remember the last day I went without trying to find some bit or any bit of information that I could. So while procrastinating I figured what the heck. So in honor of the greatest fight song in the world, I give you my blog Victors Valiant.

First football related post to drop soon.

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