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Friday, July 15, 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do Brother?

Preface: My purpose for the next few posts will just be getting some opinions on the new coaching staff out there, a quick rundown of where the program is today, and then getting into more preseason, up-to-date content. So bare wtih me...

I don't think I need to go in deep on Brady Hoke, but I want to hit on some things to get the newly formed blog up to speed and get some things out on where we are at. Quickly, we all know or should know his story by now, Michigan Assistant, turned around Ball State and San Diego State, is a Michigan man. But, really whatcha gonna do brother, when "Hokeamania", runs wild on you?

So, back in January when David Brandon Finally ended his magic airplane cross country tour of a coach search we wound up with some guy named Brady Hoke. After the announcement, I got on expedia, priceline, or whatever and I booked my flight to Nepal to go on a Michigan sabattical of sorts. I didn't think I could take it anymore. I figured I could come back in 2 years and maybe John Gruden or somebody not named Brady Hoke would have finally bought that house in Ann Arbor and we might be over this whole fiasco. Needless to say, I was in the John Harbaugh or Rich Rod gets one more year camp.

I decided, I wasn't going to watch the presser, but rather get a rundown from Brian and the guys over at MGoBlog. Well, when I realized I was at work during the presser, it was a no brainer, I was watching.
Ohh, my how ashamed I was. Luckliy I never went through with purchasing those tickets...GREAT SCOTT he's right, This is Michigan. Did myself and the fanbase need to be reminded? Maybe we're a frugal fan base, whose emotions have been numbed after the last three years but, it seemed like a good portion of the fanbase was with me, in that complete 180 degree "I feel like a jackass for not giving this guy a chance" sort of way.  Brady Hoke, who mind you has not coached a game yet for the maize and blue, in my eyes has done nothing but deliver on that chance so far.

In a few short months Brady Hoke has done the following
  • Bring Michigan into the 21st century when it comes to paying assitants and wooed top NFL defensive coordinator Greg Mattison away from the Baltimore Ravens.
  • So far recruited 19 players (20 if you count Kentucky S Jeremy Clark's Greyshirt offer) to a Michigan class ranked in the top 10 by every major recruiting site, and one that has 9 players including 5* OT Kyle Kalis from the state of Ohio. He has also taken back the in-state battle from Little Brother.
  • Convinced Denard Robinson to stay
  • Put up countdown clocks for and placed emphasis on beating Little Brother and Ohio. (For whatever reason, I absolutely get like girly giggly when I hear him call OSU, Ohio.)
Obviously September 3rd is going to be the start of the journey and will truly be where Brady Hoke begins to build his legacy at The University of Michigan. But I believe he is well on his way and I am thrilled for Brady, his family, the team, and The University of Michigan.

How will Hoke and Mattison turn around a defense that ranked in the depths of the NCAA? How will Hoke and new OC Al Borges set this offense in a position for Denard Robinson and the rest of our skill players to effective just like last year? In the next few days I will try and answer these questions somewhat, while providing a rundown on Mattison and Borges to get the blog caught back up on where we are with them in charge of the defense and offense respectively.As always, until next time...Go Blue

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