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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Attrition Strikes

You won't see those mugs roaming the sidelines any more
This morning (FR) TE Chris Barnett joined the attrition party, when it was speculated and than confirmed that he too would be leaving The University of Michigan. He will be joining (JR) WR Je'Ron Stokes and (FR) OL Tony Posada, whom also left the program this past week.

Barnett... Had an interesting recruitment where he flopped from Arkansas to Michigan on signing day. He came into camp blimped out to 280 and was most likely headed straight for a redshirt. It won't hurt the team this year but after Kevin Koger and Steve Watson are gone , that'll only leave us with Brandon Moore as a realistic option at TE, for next season. Let's hope Ricardo Miller can get on the Craig Roh diet ASAP.

Posada... This one doesn't hurt that much. Posada came in pushing 340 lbs when in HS he was listed around 310. He wasn't going to see the field any time soon unless sudden DOOM imploded the offensive line. Posada was also most likely going to wind up behind one of the highly touted recruits that will be coming in, in the class of 2012.

Stokes... The blow from Stokes' departure might be a little easier to take knowing that Darryl Stonum will be returning next year after he serves his redshirt. But personally, this one hurts. Stokes was a guy that I had always had high hopes for at Michigan. As a former college receiver myself, I really liked his tape out of HS. He was a highly regarded guy by all recruiting services and unfortunately for him WR is one of the positions Michigan has been deep at for the past few years. Maybe he was frustrated or the writing was on the wall for him during camp with the new staff.

Where does it all mean from here? Stokes' departure makes it sure that the coaches will take a receiver or more likely, two in this years recruiting class. Our OL class and depth chart moving forward is good, so the Posada transfer shouldn't have too much of a ripple effect. Barnett's exit leaves us paper thin at TE. Let's all pray for Ricardo Miller to become beefy and hope one of 2012 guys comes in ready to play.

As always, Go Blue.

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