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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Return From The Pooper

My Thoughts Exactly
Well, sorry for not giving anyone a heads up, but I jetted to Ohio over the weekend for a friends bachelor party. So for the two of you, who actually read my thoughtless opinions on this here blog, my apologies.

There's not much like going and spending a weekend with a bunch of old fraternity bros on 50 acres in the woods, smack in the mountains. I felt like Jeff Bridges in True Grit, smoking cigs, and popping off rounds with guns. The main difference, I guess was, I wasn't on horseback, had running water, and wasn't hunting a human being (though I really really wanted too).

Another alarming difference was, Jeff Bridges didn't have to take his convoy through Columbus (damn GPS). I had been through Columbus once, at a younger age, but now at 24 the loathing I have for the place is beyond mend.

Now, for all the disdain, I have for the state of Ohio and that thing they call a football program, I'm not one those fans, who is going to constantly reference lathering Columbus up in feces, or bombing the shoe, or anything EXTREME!!! But, there was this overwhelming part of me that wanted make a pit-stop in Columbus and use the worlds largest toilet seat, to see just how good my aim was. I realized, I am upstanding human being and didn't want to stoop to the cooler pooper shennanigans that burdens Ohio on Saturdays during football season.So, my first official pit-stop won't be until I pony up the coin and go to The Game.

Now, if you ever are in Ohio, I recommend, going around Columbus and heading into the Smokey Mountains, stocked with guns, friends, and plenty of booze. The greatest thing about this region is that, running into locals is difficult to do for about 30 minutes of driving. The scenery was great, and really there's nothing like spending a weekend with friends shooting guns for about 6 hours straight during the day and drinking all night. I grew an inch and came home with lung cancer, all from the same festival.

So to get off my meaningless rant on Ohio, I just wanted to let you guys know that content per daily basis is much more difficult than I could have imagined. Working a real life job is not conducive to me writing material every day. But, over the next couple weeks I am going to start position group previews.  I'd like to get one up today, but that all depends on workflow obviously. So, keep your fingers crossed, not only for content, but for my lungs, as a cigarette will never sound appealing to me again. As always, Go Blue.

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  1. oh I bet it was such a nice trip, I hope I can go there one day, but lately I have been so busy with my work at host pay per head, but I will be on vacation soon :D