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Friday, September 16, 2011

About Last Night: Recap Notre Dame

So, I've watched this game 3 times now, counting Saturday. I've started this post multiple times and ended it in dismay. I cannot articulately place words together that can describe what was seen at Michigan Stadium on Saturday. Next to Braylonfest this was unequivocally the most miraculous thing I can recall these eyes seeing.

Thank goodness for my good pal who, is the always optimistic Michigan fan. Because 10 minutes into this one, my emotional roller-coaster mind had already began the painful process of this game being a blow-out loss and nothing I saw showed me any different. Even after the Hemingway TD grab it seemed like only moments had passed until again, the game looked out of reach at 24-7. Those short painful moments then turned into time continuum stoppage when, a player we all love for his smile and humble personality, began ascending up the national spotlight ladder (again) with a 300lb ankle weight latched on to him. 

If you told me that 4th quarter didn't last like 3 days, I'd call you a liar and shun you away. Because I'll be damned if it didn't. As soon, Stephen Hopkins pulled the fumble lateral back to Denard and he walked in the endzone untouched, I allowed the impossible to creep into my mind as a possible.

Jeremy Gallon all 5ft nothing of him did his best Braylon Edwards impression. Vincent Smith scampered around a few missed blocks on his way into the end-zone with a 1:12 left making me nauseous that there was too much time on the clock for our shotty secondary we did. Thirty seconds didn't seem like enough time to me and with our kicking game and and then...


My word... my word... All of the jibber jabber and rabble rabble I just spewed at you is the best way I can describe it. I'm sorry this took until the eve of the Eastern game to post but, you saw it, you're still trying to figure it out and come down from it... Cut me some slack.

Manball...Denard & Jump ball that'll work... Yeah that'll work...

Thank goodness for unforced turnovers. There's a ton of work to be done here but it was wonderful seeing Big Will and Hawthorne get in there and make some plays. Let's hope it holds up this week.

Again, I am sorry I suck as a blogger and take forever sometimes but this whole week I've had a hard time even talking about what took place, let alone trying to place my inadequate thoughts onto a blog that people can like read. I am going to try and get an Eastern preview in tonight  we'll see, don't hold me too it. Besides it's Eastern. I don't like to preview murders.

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