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Friday, September 16, 2011

Preview: Eastern Michigan

Who, What, When, Where, Weather:
Who: Eastern Michigan: Line: Michigan -29
What: Baby Seal U, 3rd game
When: 12:00 Eastern
Where: Ann Arbor
Weather: 67 sunny

Preface: This is going to be short, just like how long I expect this one to be interesting which, won't be very.

Offense vs. Eastern:
If there was one defense in the country significantly worse than Michigan's last season it was Eastern. They also got killed by sub-level MAC teams. We looked out of rhythm and slow to get started next week, so we'll see what happens. If we don't crush here, that's shocking. We can obviously run the jump-ball pass play but past that, we haven't done much this season. It should be time for us to work on our simple plays that we need to be good at.

What to watch for: I formation Manball vs. not looking stagnant on offense. That's all we should need to run on this one. Look for guys like Devin to get some reps by the 3rd  qtr.

Defense vs. Eastern:
Eastern has run the ball well this year to the tune of 313 ypg. They have however done this against, Where are you and Who cares State of the FCS. Forgive me if I am not impressed. Our defense has been able to get timely turnovers which, wasn't our strong suit last year. We have better athletes and our front-four should finally be able to apply pressure without having to run crazy blitzes from all over the place.

What to watch for:
Front four vs. applying pressure. If we can't do this against Eastern, I will be worried for the rest of the year and the Big Ten season will scare the heebyjeebies out of me. Not letting the worst MAC team move the ball against us vs. PLEASE GOD NO.

Special Teams:
Make a field goal if necessary, catch the ball, and no big returns. That is all, carry on.

The line is 29 and that is a hefty one. Michigan has the talent and if they can exploit one team this season it needs to be this one. I'm looking for this one to lose my serious interest early Look for Michigan to win going away. I'm going with Michigan: 52-7.

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